of the watch industry who have witnessed this intensive period
2020 : Watchmaking since 2000
2021 : Tourbillons
2022 : Divers watches
2023 : Chronographs
2024 : Travel watches
of luxury watches and independent craftsmen
of watches and their creators

The Millennium Watch Book collection is to sum up everything you need to know about watchmaking since the year 2000.

Following this editorial approach to contemporary fine watchmaking, a new volume will be published each year on a specific watch category until 2030.
These coffee table books are born out of a collective effort, unprecedented, a magnificent, indispensable collection to gain a better understanding or rediscover, the world of watches from 2000 to 2020.

Prepare half a linear meter on your bookshelves for this collection that is all about passion! 

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The Millennium Watch Book - Chronographs
The Millennium Watch Book - Chronographs


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