Located in Geneva, the cradle of watchmaking, GMT Publishing is the very first Swiss publishing house to have specialized in the production of high-end watch magazines and their digital versions.

Since 2000, GMT Publishing has been producing the leading watchmaking magazine in Switzerland, GMT Magazine, as well as the preeminent website on all horological news, WorldTempus, launched in 2001. 

GMT Publishing is directed by Brice Lechevalier, Editor-in-Chief of GMT since 2000, as well as the originator of The Millennium Watch Book. In his time at GMT, Lechevalier has been able to keenly observe the evolution of the industry as a whole, making him ideally suited to assemble a team of experts to write about these past two decades in the industry.

Brice Lechevalier

The collection Millennium Watch


Following the success of The Millennium Watch Book published in 2020 and the many words of encouragement from its readers, GMT Publishing is embarking on the production of a collection of ten additional volumes.

This collection is to sum up everything you need to know about watchmaking since the year 2000. This collection reflects the creativity of the whole industry, and allows its readers a total immersion in the world of watchmaking.

Following this editorial approach to contemporary fine watchmaking (the third millennium), a new volume will be published each year on a specific watch category until 2030. In that year, the editorial team will analyze the period 2020-2030 as a whole (players, patents, emblematic watches, trends).

Prepare half a linear meter on your bookshelves for this collection that is all about passion!


Environmental responsibility


GMT Publishing is committed to eco-responsible operations, and has been certified climate neutral since 2020. Every year, our publishing house makes a voluntary contribution towards climate protection via carbon offsets and other projects with high environmental and social value (MyClimate).

In addition, our books and magazines are printed on paper made from PEFC- or FSC-certified pulp.