Millenium Watch Book

The Millennium Watch Book aims to be the benchmark for watchmaking from 2000 to 2020. Not only the latest technologies and new materials, but also the trends of the last two decades and the people who have played a major role in the creation of the watches we love, from chronographs and tourbillons to which we devote two whole chapters, but also ladies' watches, the second-hand market and the role of patents. In short, everything to be retained from this unparalleled period in watchmaking history in 20 thematic chapters.

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Ange Gardien

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Coming in the form of a large-format collectible “coffee table” book, The Millennium Watch Book covers all luxury mechanical watch brands that have made significant strides and changes in the first 20 years of the new millennium.

Whether you’re simply an enthusiast, a seasoned collector or even an industry specialist, The Millennium Watch Book is the ultimate reference book you need for the past two decades in horology.

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