[English] The Millennium Watch Book - Tourbillons (Volume 1, 2021) - Limited Edition



Limited and numbered edition, prefaced by Emmanuel Breguet, descendant of the inventor of the tourbillon

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The Millennium Watch Book becomes a collection

Following the success of The Millennium Watch Book published last year and the many words of encouragement from its readers (including comments such as "the best watchmaking book of a whole generation"), GMT Publishing is embarking on the production of a collection of ten additional volumes until 2030. For the record, the concept of The Millennium Watch Book is to sum up in 300 pages and 20 chapters everything you need to know about watchmaking since the year 2000. The Millennium Watch Book collection retains this editorial approach to contemporary fine watchmaking (the third millennium) and will be published thematically every year until 2030. In that year, its editorial team will analyze the period 2020-2030 as a whole (players, patents, emblematic watches, trends). Until then, a new numbered volume will be published each year on a specific watch category.


To launch this new collection (of which the 2020 edition will be No. 0 and the 2021 edition No. 1), GMT Publishing has chosen the theme of the tourbillon for 2021 because of the 220th anniversary of its invention. The Millennium Watch Book - Tourbillon looks back at the roots of its invention by Abraham-Louis Breguet, its contemporary history, the evolution of its patents, the role of collectors, while selecting 50 must-have tourbillon watches, always beautifully illustrated. A limited edition of 220 numbered copies awaits the most motivated readers. It will be prefaced by the descendant of the inventor of the tourbillon, Emmanuel Breguet. Prepare half a linear meter on your bookshelves for this collection that is all about passion.


Chapter Summary

History: Pre-2000
Contemporary History (Post-2000)
Behind the Scenes of the Tourbillon
50 Undeniable Tourbillons
Devil’s Advocate: A Collector’s Dialogue
The Watch Auctions
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